Smart Contact Centre

Smart Contact Centre service is the most cost-effective & effective way to collect debts

Digital Field collection

The process of recovering outstanding from
non-contactable customer effectively.

Smart Customer Profiling

Our customer profile verification services include
address verification, Tele verification, and document verification.

Our Vision

Our vision is to play a leadership role in each vertical. In the bank and NBFC be the top smart collections organization leveraging latest AI technology and smart processes to delivery superior performance.

Our Mission

Our goal is to automate receivables, assist businesses in maintaining great customer and business relationships, and increase returns.

We offer trustworthy collection services

Our Services

Smart Contact Centre

Digital Field collection

Smart Customer Profiling

Proven Success Rate

We provide first-party or third-party collection services, repayment, and transaction services with our cutting-edge technology, intelligent speech bots, and skilled collections agents. We can guarantee our customers exceptional success rates and revenues.

Why Us?

Xeniaa is the most effective professional debt collection and recovery firm. We have experienced and compassionate debt-collecting staff to manage all your Collection / Recovery requirements. For simple integration with receivables, we employ AI modules. The advantages of our collection services are listed below.

  • Follows 100% governance policy
  • Easy integration
  • Automated check for the entire process
  • Transparency on contact with customers
  • Reliable service
  • Experienced and committed team

Advantages of our center
  • Hybrid Man Machine Contact center
  • Bot & AI-powered technology solutions
  • Virtual contact center
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Digital Field collection

Our field collection crew, who will watch over and cover the field sites, will collect all of your past-due debts.

Smart Contact Centre

Our internal telesales team, Voice Bot, and insightful data enable us to provide data-driven telecalling collection services.

Paving The Way For Smart Collection

At Xeniaa, we understand that business defaulted payments can put you and your company in a bind. With our cutting-edge technology, intelligent speech bots, and expert collection agents, we meticulously maximize the outstanding debt recovery service for business to business. We have established a revolution in debt recovery with a proven success rate in collection with our skilled collection experts working on your behalf.

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We work with leading brands

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